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5 Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Posture

September 28th, 2023 by
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Man sitting at desk, looking down at a laptop in poor posture

Your posture is the secret to optimal health and longevity as it brings balance to every system in the body. 

Poor posture can have a huge impact on the nervous system. This is something that we Chiropractors at Total Health Chiropractic talk about often. If your posture is less than great, there is an immense amount of pressure on the nerves that exit your spine and control your muscles, joints and organs. The more pressure on these nerves, the harder it is for your body to function properly, and often as a result we don’t feel as good.

With this in mind, here are 5 tools and tips you can utilise to help improve your posture!

  1. Desk Ergonomics 
    If you have a desk job, make sure your computer or desktop is at eye level so you are not looking up or down. Sit right back in your chair with both feet on the ground flat – this keeps your pelvis even and doesn’t load one side more than the other. Get up often! Set an alarm on your phone or computer to get up and walk around for 5 minutes or walk to the bathroom to wake up your sleepy muscles.
  2. Pull your shoulders back in line with your ears
    Imagine you are wearing a necklace, show everyone!! Pull your shoulders back and chin slightly up and back – preferably in line with your ears – to show off the imaginary necklace on your chest. Imagining this can help you create muscle memory of how your neck and shoulders should be.
  3. Use a posture pole! 
    Grab a posture pole from one of our practices (or roll up a towel, though this isn’t as strong and you may not get the same results). Use this on the ground and lay on your back on top of it so it is in line with your body (up your spine). Pull your arms back into a cactus pose and you should feel a stretch in the front of your arms. You can also turn the pole to make a ‘T shape’ and place it under your neck so the back of your head touches the floor – relax here and take a few deep breaths, this will help the different muscles in your neck relax and release.
    Click here to learn more about posture poles and how to use one 
  4. Engage your core 
    Weak core muscles can lead to bad posture and imbalances in the pelvis and can often cause lower back pain.

    Improving posture involves strengthening the muscles that support your spine and shoulders, which includes your core muscles. Here are some core exercises that can help improve your posture:

    Dead Bugs: Lie on your back with your arms extended toward the ceiling and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Slowly lower one arm and the opposite leg toward the ground while keeping your back flat. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

    Supermans: Lie face down with your arms extended in front of you and legs straight. Lift your arms, chest, and legs off the ground simultaneously while squeezing your lower back muscles. Hold for a few seconds and lower back down.

    Cat-Cow Stretch: While not a traditional core exercise, this yoga-inspired movement helps improve spinal flexibility and posture. Start on your hands and knees and alternately arch and round your back like a cat and a cow.

    Bird-Dog: Begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Extend one arm and the opposite leg while keeping your back straight. Hold for a moment, then return to the starting position and switch sides.

    Cobra Stretch: Lie face down with your hands under your shoulders. Push your upper body up while keeping your hips on the ground, gently arching your back and stretching your chest.

    Remember to start slowly and perform these exercises with proper form to avoid injury. Gradually increase the intensity and duration as your core strength improves.
  5. Get regular Chiropractic adjustments
    Get adjusted regularly! By getting adjusted, we get the spine moving properly therefore taking the pressure off the nerves. When we relieve the nerves from this pressure, the feedback system is more efficient therefore the muscles begin to work correctly, proper movement is increased and your posture improves and your body begins to function better, therefore you start to feel better.


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