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About Total Health Chiropractic

At Total Health Chiropractic we are passionate about promoting health and wellness across our 8 clinics in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Agnes Water, Frankston, Mornington, Bell Park GeelongTorquay  and Keilor Downs. We provide tailored and personalised treatment plans for people of all ages. We believe that a well functioning nervous system is the cornerstone of health and we endeavour to assist you in regaining your optimal state.

Although pain relief is our immediate goal, it is only a small part of what we offer. Other benefits you may expect from regular chiropractic care include:

Originally from Melbourne, we followed very separate paths to become Chiropractors. For Dr. Lucy, an intense accident when she was 12 years old caused a fracture in her spine. She suffered immense pain for months which led to chronic headaches.

For Dr. Alex, his body wasn’t coping with the demands of being an avid golfer and runner. At the age of 14 was left wondering if he could continue to train in the sport he loved.

We both tried the typical medical route, seeking the opinions of local GP’s, specialists and physiotherapists. After months of treatment it was clear this wasn’t the approach for us. Eventually for different reasons we started seeing Chiropractors!

We immediately loved the holistic approach taken to assess and determine the root cause of our issues. After the first phase of treatment with the Chiropractor we were not only pain free but experienced greater movement, flexibility as well as less headaches and better sleep. We realised this is the way the body is supposed to function!

Why Total Health Chiropractic

It has always been our dream as Chiropractors to help as many people, just like we were helped, on their journey to being pain free, and back to doing the activities they love.

We practice how we preach, being totally healthy is not just about one facet of your life. It’s about taking a total health approach.

For us, that means:

Our Vision

At Total health chiropractic we have a unique treatment approach that focuses directly on the spine and posture. We have a thorough evaluation process that allows us to get to the root cause of your problem. Each session is tailored directly to your needs, and despite our main focus being getting you out of pain, what we really enjoy doing is getting you back doing the activities that you love – whether that be playing golf, playing with your kids or walking the dogs

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Dr. Alex Harvey

Chiropractor & Director
Total Health Chiropractic

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Dr. Lucy Youren

Chiropractor & Director
Total Health Chiropractic

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Dr. Jessie Naughton


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Dr. Nick McNamara

Chiropractor in Rockhampton

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Dr. Bonnie Whittingham

Chiropractor in Yeppoon

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Dr. Beau Kenihan

Chiropractor in North Geelong

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Dr. Duy Duong

Chiropractor in Rockhampton

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Dr. Bishoy Bishara

Chiropractor in Frankston & Keilor Downs

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Dr. Emily Ross

Chiropractor in Mornington

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Dr. Romina Troiani

Chiropractor in Mornington

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Dr. Mymy Quach

Chiropractor in Bell Park, Geelong

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