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At Total Health Chiropractic, we accept referrals from GPs for bulk billing Chiropractic services. This means there are no out of pocket payments for the first five visits if you are given a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or Extended Primary Care (EPC) plan. The CDM or EPC plan can be used to see other health practitioners including Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Important note – while 5 visits can help start the resolution process of your injury/complaint, in our experience, more than five sessions may be needed for your specific injury. Our Chiropractors are trained in determining how much time is needed to resolve your injury/complaint and will discuss this with you at your appointments. These additional services can not be bulk billed.

Download a Chronic Disease Management patient information form here

Our Chiropractors also accept TAC and DVA. Simply come in with the relevant paperwork and we can process the payments at our practice.

Why choose Total Health Chiropractic as your bulk billing Chiropractor? 

The team at Total Health Chiropractic are fully qualified, insured, highly skilled and are members of governing associations. Our first priority is your comfort and confidence in our ability to provide Chiropractic care and we will ensure that a thorough approach is taken when assessing your condition. 

Not only do our Chiropractors assess and manage common painful musculoskeletal conditions, they place a high emphasis on postural correction and changing our patients’ perspective on health. 

What chronic conditions do we see? 

Total Health Chiropractic sees patients of all ages for chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including – 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a referral to see a bulk billed Chiropractor? 

To get a referral for bulk billed Chiropractic care, you must first go to your GP and ask for a Chronic Disease Management or Extended Primary Care plan. This entitles you to 5 Medicare covered visits per year. Once you have your CDM or EPC plan, book an appointment at one of our practices and bring your paperwork with you so we can claim your visits through Medicare. A care plan is typically provided to a patient with a chronic condition as determined by a General Practitioner. 

Click here to download a CDM information form to take to your GP and discuss about your condition

What is a Chronic Disease Management/Extended Primary Care plan? 

A CDM/EPC plan is a Medicare program designed to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to chronic conditions that are likely to have lasted six months or more. This is because chronic conditions are often complex and require a thorough approach to ongoing care. 

In the case of Chiropractic, your GP will be able to determine whether your pain is likely caused by a serious underlying condition or if it appears to be musculoskeletal in nature. If it is likely the latter, an EPC plan referral to see a Chiropractor may be provided. 

Common chronic conditions eligible for the EPC plan include not only back pain, but also other ongoing conditions such as emphysema, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, depression, anxiety and many more.

Can my Chiropractor help me get these bulk billed visits? 

Total Health Chiropractic has helped a large number of patients with their CDM/EPC plans. We can communicate with medical doctors when necessary, writing personalised letters to the GP. These letters explain our findings and any therapy/recommendations. By doing this, medical doctors can have a better understanding of a patient’s musculoskeletal condition and how Chiropractic care may help. By working together with a patient’s GP, we can achieve improved clinical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

What if I have used a CDM/EPC plan already this year to see another practitioner? 

If you have already used your five visits during the calendar year, you won’t be able to use any more until next year. If you have visits remaining in your plan, you may use them with another practitioner. 

How do I know if I have used my bulk billed Chiropractic visits this year?

To find out how many CDM/EPC visits you have used, speak to Medicare directly by calling 132 150.

If I am referred for spinal x-rays by my Chiropractor, are they bulk billed too? 

X-rays are not covered by CDM/EPC plans. However, x-rays can be eligible to be bulk billed directly through medicare. This includes CT scans and MRIs (referral from a medical doctor is required).

Some of our practices now offer x-rays onsite. These x-rays are not bulk billed and attract a $20 gap fee.

What do Chiropractic appointments involve? 

During your initial consultation, your Chiropractor will ask about your history in order to learn more about the condition you are experiencing. We will then complete a physical assessment – looking at your posture, balance and if required, refer you for spinal x-rays (or take spinal x-rays onsite if available) to gain a more comprehensive understanding about your condition.

During subsequent visits we will go through your results and provide a tailored Chiropractic treatment plan which can include the following – 

  • Manual diversified technique 
  • Extremity adjustments 
  • Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) 
  • Activator method 
  • Drop piece adjustments 
  • Soft tissue release 

Are You Eligible For Bulk Billing?

Is your condition chronic, lasting six months or more?

Have you been provided a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or Extended Primary Care (EPC) plan by your GP?

Do you have visits remaining in your CDM or EPC plan?

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