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Can Chiropractic care help athletes?

May 9th, 2022 by
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Close up of male getting ready to serve tennis ball to opponentChiropractors are allied health professionals who place a large focus on helping people move, feel and function to their greatest potential. Chiropractors use a number of different techniques, such as spinal manipulation to help stimulate and optimise nervous system function.

People often come to see a Chiropractor for a number of different reasons. These reasons can include neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica and more! Chiropractic care may be able to help with these issues by restoring movement in the spine and helping to relieve tension. Some patients seek long term care from a Chiropractor as it may assist in preventing tension and stiffness building to a point that it affects function in everyday tasks. 

When it comes to athletes, some athletes prefer to be adjusted by their Chiropractor prior to their competition or game so they are able to perform to their best ability. Adjustment can allow for full movement throughout the body, minimising restrictions through joints and muscles.

Athletes and Chiropractic

For the purposes of this blog post, we define an athlete as someone who is proficient in a sport or other form/s of physical activity. Athletes can be classified as professional (paid) or amateurs (non-paid).

As of May 2022, Australian athletes who have incorporated Chiropractic care into their elite training include (but are not limited to): 

  • Mathew Mitcham, diving olympic gold-medalist
  • Ellen Fullerton, champion swimmer 
  • Chris Judd, AFL footballer 
  • Nick Riewoldt, AFL footballer 
  • Josh Gibson, AFL footballer 
  • Lleyton Hewitt, Australian tennis player 
  • Cadel Evans, Australian former racing cyclist 

As of May 2022, examples of renowned international athletes that have incorporated Chiropractic care include: 

  • Michael Jordan, NBA
  • Tom Brady, NFL
  • Tiger Woods, PGA

During the Rio 2016 Olympics, Chiropractors were incorporated into a large team of healthcare providers who helped over 14,500 Olympic and Paralympic athletes compete to their best. Australian Chiropractors made up 20% of the total Chiropractors from around the world that was asked to join the Olympic & Paralympics!

So, how can Chiropractic care help athletes?

Chiropractic care may be help athletes in the following ways:

  • Relieving muscle tension, allowing for faster and more agile movements
  • Reducing inflammation, taking the pressure off muscles and joints 
  • Increasing blood flow, helping the athlete to heal faster and reduce metabolic waste build-up
  • Helping to decrease an athlete’s mental worry over restriction and lack of movement, helping to increase energy levels  
  • Increasing an athlete’s range of motion and movement
  • Fixing asymmetries, helping to create balance across the whole body 
  • Helping to reduce pain

If you are an athlete wanting further clarification or help with performing to your best ability without the restriction of muscle and joint tension, consider contacting your local Chiropractor to get started.


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