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Do Chiropractors help with back pain?

February 5th, 2022 by
Category: Back pain Dr. Kodie Smith

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Back pain is one of the most common causes of body pain in Australia, affecting 70-90% of the population at least once in their lifetime. Back pain can range from mild, aching to severe, stabbing pain and can be experienced on one or both sides whilst occasionally radiating into the extremity areas: arms or legs. Common causes of back pain include muscle or ligament strain, disc injury, joint dysfunction and arthritis or degenerative changes to the spinal joints.

How to help manage back pain

There are several things you can do that may help prevent and manage back pain:

  • Using heat packs to provide short term muscular relief
  • Performing back specific stretches to improve back mobility and strength
  • Avoid heavy lifting of objects and use correct/safe lifting techniques if lifting is unavoidable
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay active to support the physical health of our body
  • Seek out the clinical opinions and care of Allied Health Professionals including Chiropractors

5 ways Chiropractors may be able to help with back pain

Chiropractic care can have great impacts on back pain in several important ways: 

1. Spinal adjustments

The Chiropractor will check for misalignments of both the upper and lower back regions. Once they have identified the dysfunctions, they will correct these with specific adjustments, reducing pain and improving function. They will also check for misalignments or dysfunctional areas throughout the surrounding spinal and extremity joints because every bone and joint are connected. Therefore, it is likely that your back pain is being influenced not only by the back region itself but by the joint movement surrounding it.

2. Stretches / exercises

A range of simple yet effective back related exercises and stretches can be recommended to assist with strengthening and loosening up the back region. Depending on the region of the back that is affected and the symptoms the individual is experiencing will determine which exercises will specifically target those issues. The exercises recommended aim to promote and maintain good spinal movement whilst preventing future flare ups.

3. Muscle relaxation

Additionally if required, Chiropractors may provide soft tissue release -not only to the back musculature, but also the surrounding ligaments and tissues in the spinal regions: neck and upper back or the extremity regions: arms and legs.

4. Addressing postural issues

Chiropractors assess all aspects of an individual’s issues as we gain the greatest results with a multi-modal approach. Whilst working on correcting the dysfunctions in the specific back region, we will also identify, treat and give tailored advice on any underlying postural related issues that could have an impact on the back itself or the recovery of back pain conditions.

5. Referring to a specialist / multi-modal approach

Chiropractors will assess your back pain issues thoroughly using various comprehensive history and physical examinations: postural, neurological, orthopaedic, muscular and radiographical testing. This will enable the Chiropractor to assess the best means of care of which they can provide but it also gives them the opportunity to refer or recommend any other professionals or specialists. This allows the back issue to undergo a multi-modal approach to ensure all aspects of the back issues are cared for in depth.

If you are seeking further advice regarding your back pain or would like our Chiropractors clinical opinion, contact your nearest practice.


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