What can Chiropractic care look like during pregnancy?

by | February 9th, 2023

During pregnancy, the body undergoes so many changes, from physical to emotional and lots of hormonal. So naturally, it is very important that we take some special care of it during this time.  Whether it is your first time being pregnant or your fifth, pregnancy is still an overwhelming time where you are provided with …

Common tradie injuries and what you can do about them!

by | November 16th, 2022

In Australia tradespeople and labourers are ranked among one of the highest workforces for incidences of workplace/work-related injuries, making up 22.6% (almost a quarter) of professional injuries and 60% of serious injury claims.  Most trades are labour-intensive and can be quite hard on the body, often leading to tradespeople having a few aches and pains …