Can Chiropractic Care Help Teachers?

by | July 10th, 2021

Teaching can be a tough, but rewarding profession. The job itself requires a lot of physical strength due to the prolonged periods of sitting and standing, crouching and bending down to tables made for smaller children, carrying stacks of paper and heavy books, as well as the now added stress of teaching over an online …

How can Chiropractic care help tradies?

by | June 6th, 2021

Having a sore back is NOT part of the job There’s no doubt that being a tradie is tough work. It is a very physically demanding job, thus being able to feel, function and move at your optimum is very important. Optimum feeling, functioning and moving is often not the case for many tradies – …

Common work-related musculoskeletal conditions and what you can do to avoid them

by | June 1st, 2021

What is the musculoskeletal system? The musculoskeletal system is the framework of our body that provides us with the ability to produce movement. This system consists of muscles, bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and other connective tissue. Musculoskeletal injuries are quite common in the workplace, especially in those occupations with manual handling. A musculoskeletal injury is …