Can Chiropractic Care Help Teachers?

by | July 10th, 2021

Teaching can be a tough, but rewarding profession. The job itself requires a lot of physical strength due to the prolonged periods of sitting and standing, crouching and bending down to tables made for smaller children, carrying stacks of paper and heavy books, as well as the now added stress of teaching over an online …

Why you should not purposely ‘crack’ or ‘adjust’ yourself

by | April 29th, 2021

Are you someone who ‘cracks’ or ‘pops’ their back, neck or other part of your body on purpose? Today, I will talk about what adjustments are, why you may feel the need to ‘crack’ or ‘adjust’ yourself, why you should not do this, as well as what you can do instead! What is a Chiropractor? …

Top exercises to do for back pain

by | November 24th, 2020

We frequently see people coming into our practices with back pain, presenting a wide range of symptoms including dull aches, numbness, sharp or burning pain, muscle spasms and pain referring to the glutes or hips. Causes of back pain also vary and range from poor posture and repetitive stresses, to disc injuries, sudden awkward movement, …