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Total Health Chiropractic Agnes Water is our 2nd Queensland practice. After an enormous success opening our Rockhampton practice, Directors Alex Harvey and Lucy Youren fell in love with the Agnes Water area whilst holidaying there on a week and decided we had to be apart of the community! We opened the doors to our Agnes Water in February 2019 and continue to be the only Chiropractor to service the area to date. Our goal is to help the Agnes Water community with back, neck and other musculoskeletal conditions whilst offering a unique approach to health care different to what they have experienced!

Our Agnes Water Chiropractor is located right in the middle of Agnes, in the same building as the Caltex, on Captain Cook Drive. Easily located 100m from the supermarket and Agnes Water Tavern. Better yet, enjoy a short 5-minute walk once your visit has been completed with our Agnes Water Chiropractor to the beach or local cafes!. For ease there is ample parking at the service station. All of our practices, especially Total Health Chiropractic Agnes Water have a minimalist, yet homely feel about them.

Our Chiropractors in Agnes Water have over 7 years combined clinical experience in practices from all areas in Australia, including Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton and more helping thousands of people discover the cause of their back, neck or shoulder pain. Our Agnes Water Chiropractor aims to find the cause of your pain, as well as fully reduce or remove the symptoms you have been living with where possible.

At Total Health Chiropractic Agnes Water we tailor each individual patient to a treatment plan that they need. We give an in-depth evaluation & assessment and specific tailored treatment approach. During the first visit with your Chiropractor in Agnes Water you will go through a thorough history taking in order to fully understand where your pain is coming from and why your pain is there. Our next part is our thorough assessment process in which includes:

  • Computerised posture scanning
  • Range of motion tests – moving your muscles and joints
  • Orthopaedic and neurological tests
  • Bilateral weight scale testing
  • Specialised Balance testing

When the Chiropractor feels neccessary, your Agnes Water Chiropractor will refer you for XRays of you spine. Spinal X-Rays tell us:

  • How long your condition has been present for
  • How bad your condition is
  • A structural approach
  • for correction
  • Rules out any serious pathology or conditions that may prevent the Chiropractor from treatment

All of this information is gathered together to form a plan of how we can best manage your pain through a treatment process utilising the most up to date research.

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