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Our North Geelong practice is based in Bell Park, servicing the North Geelong & the Greater Geelong region 

Total Health Chiropractic Geelong is located on Separation Street in Bell Park and services Bell Park, North Geelong, Norlane, Bell Post Hill, Hamlyn Heights, Corio, and the Greater Geelong region. Our North Geelong Chiropractors are committed to helping people of all ages find relief from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal conditions. We pride ourselves on our unique, thorough approach to health care. 

Why choose us as your Chiropractor in North Geelong?

Whether you work in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education or retail, everyone experiences pain. Total Health Chiropractic has over 25 years of combined clinical experience in helping people who experience pain. Our treatment approach is thorough and allows our Chiropractors to find the cause of the complaint, rather than just treating the immediate pain. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most appropriate care available, priding ourselves on helping people relieve pain, correct postural issues, improve mobility and flexibility and return to their optimal health state.

Total Health Chiropractic Geelong is open Monday & Wednesday – Friday from 8am until 7pm, Tuesday from 3pm – 7pm and on Saturdays from 8am until midday.

Walk-ins are welcome. Bulk billing is available. TAC, DVA, EPC and WorkCover are accepted.

What conditions do we see? 

Total Health Chiropractic Geelong helps people from North Geelong region with a wide range of conditions, including – 

What to expect from Total Health Chiropractic?

At Total Health Chiropractic Geelong, our Chiropractors use a unique approach to understanding the cause of, and to help with pain –

1. Initial consultation

During your first visit, you will meet with one of our Chiropractors who will gain an understanding of how long you have been experiencing pain, how bad the pain is, how the pain is impacting your life and what outcomes you want to achieve.

The Chiropractor will then perform a thorough examination, assess your posture, balance and if further investigation is required, refer you for spinal x-rays.

2. Report of findings

This visit is about your results and recommended rehabilitation and long term treatment. Your Chiropractic treatment plan may include –

Diversified Technique

Diversified technique is the most common manual technique used by Chiropractors. This usually involves the ‘popping’ and ‘clicking’ sounds that come from joints during an adjustment.

Gonstead Technique

Gonstead Technique is another way of performing manual adjustments. This technique can be utilised by our Chiropractors to be more specific.

Activator Method

The Activator tool is a spring loaded device which provides an alternative to the ‘popping’ and ‘clicking’ manual adjustment techniques. This technique is sometimes used if a patient is elderly or if the Chiropractor determines a manual adjustment unsuitable.

Drop Piece Adjustments

The Drop Piece tables at Total Health Chiropractic Geelong can be used to achieve movement in a joint, or to correct alignment, assisting with other techniques. Drop piece allows corrections to be made while maintaining a completely neutral body position.


Mobilisation involves manually achieving increased movement in a joint without an adjustment. Your Chiropractor may suggest mobilisation in some situations where an adjustment may be unsuitable.

Soft Tissue Techniques

Soft tissue techniques are aimed to reduce tension to the hypertonicity (tight) musculature surrounding the joints.

Rehabilitation and mobilisation exercises

Rehabilitation and corrective exercises aim to improve flexibility, core function, strength and stability for your spine and joints. These exercises may be given throughout your care by the Chiropractors to do at home in between sessions.

Ergonomic advice

Ergonomic advice may be given, aiming to alter and reduce the effects of poor sleep, occupation and exercise routines placed on the body.

If we believe Chiropractic is not the best treatment type for your pain, or that co-managment of your condition is required, we will refer you to the best practitioner or professional for your requirements to ensure you receive the best possible care.

3. Regular adjustments

Each adjustment is tailored to your treatment plan and specific requirements.

4. Progress exams

A progress examination is a structured visit to re-evaluate your posture and show the changes that the Chiropractic adjustments have achieved. From here, the next phase of treatment can be identified.

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Total Health Chiropractic Geelong
Address – 119 Separation Street, Bell Park VIC 3215

Total Health Chiropractic Geelong is situated in the heart of Bell Park and is just 6.1km (11-minute drive) from central Geelong. Our North Geelong Chiropractic practice is located 2.4km from North Geelong Railway Station and 3.4km from Northshore Station. The Deakin University Geelong Waterfront Campus is 5km away. Coles Geelong West is a 7 minute drive, Woolworths Geelong West is a 10 minute drive and Woolworths Bell Post is a 6 minute drive.

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