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Total Health Chiropractic Mornington is located on Milgate Drive (previously Main Street) and is here to help the Peninsula community with their Chiropractic needs. Our team of Chiropractors have extensive experience in helping people with a range of conditions from headaches, back and neck pain, to postural concerns and pregnancy-related conditions.


Why choose us as your Mornington Chiropractor? 

We see people from all walks of life and different life stages – whether you work in construction, retail, healthcare, education or in the professional services or are a school/university student, are pregnant or have young kids, are an avid sports person or even a weekend warrior – everyone can experience pain at some point, and our goal is to help you navigate and resolve this.

At Total Health Chiropractic Mornington, we take a unique approach to healthcare. Our Chiropractors in Mornington are trained to provide a thorough approach to evaluating and assessing pain of every person who comes through our doors. Being thorough allows us the opportunity to discover the root cause of what is causing the issue and, if possible, offer and provide a long term solution to help. Chiropractic can help to ease chronic issues, increase mobility, reduce stiffness and relieve headaches. 

If we do not feel Chiropractic care can help, we will refer you to the best suited health professional for your needs. 

Total Health Mornington is also a bulk billing Chiropractor for patients who have been provided a CDM or EPC plan by their GP. Eligible patients are able to be bulk billed for 5 Chiropractic visits a year.

What conditions do we see?

Total Health Chiropractic Mornington sees people of all ages for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including – 

What to expect from Total Health Chiropractic?

At Total Health Chiropractic Mornington, we use a unique approach to understanding the root cause of, and to help with pain – 

  • Initial consultation – the first consultation at Total Health Chiropractic Mornington is about learning about you – understanding how long you have been experiencing your issue, how bad it is, how it is impacting your life and what health outcomes you want to achieve. 
  • From here, your Chiropractor will perform a spinal evaluation, posture assessment and may refer you for spinal x-rays in order to gain a complete understanding of what’s happening with your body and if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed. 
  • Report of findings – this visit is about going through your results and recommended rehabilitation and long term treatment. Our treatment plans are tailored to you and your specific presentation, so everyone will vary.  
  • Regular adjustments – each adjustment is tailored to your treatment plan and specific requirements. Our Chiropractors are skilled in many different techniques, including manual diversified adjustments, low force techniques such as activator method and drop piece adjustments, as well as soft tissue release.  
  • Progress exams – a progress examination is a structured visit to re-evaluate your issues and show the changes that Chiropractic adjustments have achieved. 
  • From this examination, the next phase of treatment can be identified. 

Frequently asked questions

Should I see a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Osteopath for my back/neck pain? 

While every person is different and may benefit from different care, there is a great range of services you can access in the Mornington Peninsula area to address your pain. Allied health professionals like Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths all help similar conditions, however have some unique differences – 

  • Chiropractors – Chiros focus on the spine and nervous system. They are typically known for seeing people for back, neck and shoulder pain and headaches. Often, these types of conditions occur due to poor posture or repetitive stress – i.e. sitting at a desk for long periods of time, driving a car, lifting kids. Chiros will perform spinal adjustments to help realign or mobilise the spine. This aims at allowing the body to function normally where possible. 
  • Osteopaths – Osteos focus on muscle manipulation and promoting spinal movement and are known for their excellent massage skills. Osteopaths aim to ensure the bones, muscles, ligaments and tissues work together.
  • Physiotherapists – Physios focus on rehabilitation or strengthening the body. They are typically known for helping people with sporting injuries like torn hamstrings. Whilst all 3 are great choices for back or neck pain relief. It is recommended to understand look at the risk/benefit ratio of care. We recommend seeking advice from a medical or allied health practitioner to fully understand the best care for you.

Does a Chiropractic adjustment hurt or feel good?

In some cases, Chiropractic adjustments may be tender, much like receiving a massage. However, for many people, it feels amazing! The aim of a Chiropractic adjustment is to provide relief for the presenting pain you are experiencing. 

Our Chiropractors in Mornington, after completing an examination, will gain the best understanding of what they want to achieve with your body and will determine what type of adjustment is required. They will also discuss all the associated risks that may be involved with the care you need. 

What pillow should I be using for a better night’s sleep?

Pillows are a very personal choice, not everyone finds the same pillow comfortable. However, we stock the Complete Sleeprrr in our practices and highly recommend them. 

We would recommend a memory foam pillow that has a contour to allow your neck and head to rest comfortably with support. 

Ask your Chiropractor during your next visit if you have any questions about your pillow or sleeping posture!

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Total Health Chiropractic Mornington is now located at 5/33 Milgate Drive, Mornington VIC 3931 (previously 1/211 Main Street, Mornington)

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