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Dr. Lucy (Chiropractor) treating patient at Total Health Chiropractic Torquay

Our team at Total Health Chiropractic Keilor Downs is here to help the residents of Taylors Lakes and surrounding areas in North Melbourne who experience musculoskeletal pain! Our experienced Chiropractors can help people with conditions, including:

Back pain 
Bulging disc 
Headaches and migraines 
Neck pain 
Shoulder pain 
And more

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Our practice is located at 55 Willys Avenue, Keilor Downs – 4km from Taylors Lakes

Meet our Chiropractors

Dr. Bishoy Bishara

Why choose us as your Chiropractor near Taylors Lakes

Total Health Chiropractic is passionate about finding the cause of your problem – to not only reduce pain and symptoms, but to provide long term relief. We provide Chiropractic care for people of all ages and stages of life – from infants and children, to teens, adults and the elderly.

Total Health Chiropractic Keilor Downs is able to bulk bill patients who have been provided with a CDM or EPC plan. Take our quick questionnaire to check your eligibility! Eligible patients are able to be bulk billed for up to 5 Chiropractic visits per year.

Opening Hours

Keilor Downs

  • Monday – Friday from 8am until 7pm
  • Saturday from 8am until 2pm

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