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Chiropractor Torquay, Vic 3228 Australia

Chiropractor Torquay – Located at 4/1 Loch Ard Drive, Torquay

Total Health Chiropractic is expanding rapidly and the team are very excited for our Chiropractors to branch further down the East Coast of Australia to Torquay, 3228. Our journey started in 2018, in Rockhampton and has since expanded to over 7 practice locations. 

The Torquay Chiropractors have a modern treatment approach that is based around our thorough evaluation and assessment system, providing Chiropractic care to the people of Torquay, Jan Juc, Belbrae and Armstrong Creek. Our team of Chiropractors pride themselves on our unique approach that involves a full 3D computerised posture analysis, evaluation of lifestyle and history, in depth analysis of muscle movement and function, balance testing and motion findings. This allows our Torquay Chiropractor to gain an understanding of not only where the pain is, but why it has occurred, as well, more importantly, what we can do to fix it.

The Torquay practice has a modern, minimalistic feel and you will be greeted with an array of colours that truly make the environment comfortable. The practice itself is brand new.

Dr Lucy Youren - Owner of Total Health Chiropractic
Dr Lucy Youren – Owner of Total Health Chiropractic

Is Chiropractic Care Bulk Billed?

Chiropractors, much the same as Osteo’s, Physios and Dentists are all privately paid for, so they are unable to be bulk-billed.

Do you accept private health insurance?

We sure do! We are a provider of all health insurance companies!

I don’t have private health, can I still come in?

Of course! Most people that come to the practice don’t have private health insurance. We offer affordable payment options to help lessen the financial burden!

Dr Lucy, Chiropractor assessing the spine

How long does an appointment go for?

We take a thorough approach at Total Health Chiropractic, hence why we have helped over 60,000 people across Australia at our 7 locations. Our method is unique to our brand. We spend around 30 minutes for the first and second appointments, as we gain a full understanding of where and what is going on.

A Standard appointment/adjustments, we typically recommend allowing for around 10 minutes. Read more about our first and second appointments below!

What do your Chiropractors do?

Our Chiropractors are all trained at university for 5 years in anatomy, physiology, biology and many more subjects. We have an in depth knowledge of the spine and nervous system.

Our Chiropractors in Torquay all practice hands on, Chiropractic methods including diversified, gonstead, SOT & more.

Sounds awesome, How much does it all cost?

We currently have an offer for all NEW CLIENTS for $39 for their first consultation (book online to get the offer)

New Patient: $39 (Usually $97)

Second Visit: $75

Standard Appointments: $75

You have a lot of practices, are they all the same?

We have a team of over 14 Chiropractors across Australia and we all practice very similar, with our own unique ways! We all practice the Total Health method of taking a thorough approach, and using a hands on methodology to correct any issues we may find.

I’ve heard Chiropractors take XRays, why is that?

X-Rays are often an integral part of gaining a better understand of what is going on in a persons spine. X-Rays may show levels of arthritis, or degeneration, any serious issues we need to know about, and any misalignments. Our Chiropractors in Torquay will refer out for their X-Rays, which means if you need them they will be bulk billed! We only recommend getting X-rays if we find it is neccessary.

Lucy chiro Torquay

More about our Total Health Method
What to expect at your first visit from the Chiropractor Torquay

Our initial consult is all about you.

At the first visit with our Torquay Chiropractor you will be greeted by one of our friendly reception staff who will get you to fill out the neccessary paperwork which will give us an idea of how long you have had your condition, how bad it is, where it is coming from and any other pains that might be caused by it.

Our Chiropractors in Torquay will take you through our modern practice into a private consult room, here is where the true process starts. This visit is designed to gain the best understanding of where, why and how you have this pain.

The thorough process involves:
– 3D computerised posture analysis
– Neurological nerve assessment
– Muscle imbalance assessment

– Stiffness and range of motion assessment
– Balance and weight distribution technology

When clinically indicated, the Torquay Chiropractor will then refer for a set of Chiropractic spinal X-rays. These show the true alignment, and any other ailments that may have gone undetected, which also rules out out any reason why the Chiropractor should not adjust you such as:

  • Pre existing medical anomalies
  • Previous fractures
  • Severe Osteoporosis
  • Spinal cord injuries

Our Chiropractor in Torquay will then gather all of the results and goals that you desire and go over at your second visit.

The first visit with your Torquay Chiropractor is $47, which includes all the testing, full evaluation and any spinal X-Rays if need be. This appointment is typically valued at $180 at practices across Australia according to the Chiropractic Association of Australias annual fee survey in 2018

To view the terms and conditions for this offer please follow this link

What to expect from the Second Visit at your Torquay Chiropractor

The second consult at the Chiropractor is all about what to do from here.

This visit is a flow on from the first consultation, and will involve the Chiropractor discussing all of your findings and results from the tests, posture assessment and XRays. In this visit, we will tell you:

How long your condition has been building up for

  • How bad it is (or any degenerative/arthritis)
  • Any other associated issues
  • What we need to do to help

After all of the results are discussed, the Torquay Chiropractor gives you a personalised treatment approach that is designed to get the best results we can, as well as discuss how much the process will cost.


Our Torquay Chiropractor will be available from Monday-Thursday, from 8am-7.30pm. In the future we will be opening on Fridays and Saturdays. Feel free to call our practice on 03 5296 0158 and let us know any questions you may have.

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