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Corrective Chiropractic Care

Total Health Chiropractic now offers Corrective Chiropractic Care for a range of musculoskeletal issues. Care involves a combination of pain relief and exercises to strengthen the body. Treatment is tailored to each person, due to the needs and lifestyle of the person.

Correction, or in other terms, structural realignment is a focus of the Chiropractors in Rockhampton. Chiropractors find misalignments in the spine, through their university training.

It has been thought that these misalignments may be linked to many conditions. Decreasing restrictions may cause short term pain relief, although many patients seek long term relief through exercise. Chiropractic treatment and regular exercises make this happen.

This ensures the weak areas in the spine, and likewise, the muscles, get stronger and more stable. Many people find that their lifestyle is the main contributing factor to causing pain long term.

Common occupations that use Corrective Chiropractic Care

Common occupations that Chiropractors see:

  • Tradesmen – Builders, Carpenters.
  • Housewives (lifting children and cleaning)
  • Office workers (long periods of sitting and poor posture)
  • Truck drivers/drivers.The body, when not performing at a normal state, repetitive movements on a daily basis puts a great strain on your spine, and likewise muscles.Corrective care may come after pain relief. This involves a course of treatments, which depends on how bad and long you have had the problem). Corrective chiropractic care also involves an exercise regime. Your Chiropractor may also look at what aspects, including posture, which affects or causes your original issue. You will get advice on how to manage this. Dr. Alex treats and manages patients through corrective care from Australia & around the world. Patients fly from overseas for Alex’s treatment and management.Once the issue or pain corrects, patients can choose maintenance care as a lifestyle choice.


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