Dr Alex Harvey - Chiropractor & Director of Total Health Chiropractic
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Dr. Alex Harvey


Dr. Alex Harvey has a passion and commitment to providing high quality and thorough Chiropractic services to people of all ages.

For the past few years, Alex has been trusted to care for world champion athletes, Olympic athletes, tradies, chefs, elderly, mothers, and their children and many others. Alex has trained many Chiropractors and has previously mentored many students in their final year.

He encourages people of all ages and physical status to consider the health benefits Chiropractic care may be able to offer.


Alex has a special interest in seeing patients with chronic conditions such as Headaches/Migraines, Disc Bulges/Herniation, Sciatica, and Ongoing Back Pain.

Whilst he has a direct focus on reducing pain and improving movement in a timely and effective manner.

Due to his popularity amongst peers and his commitment to following a healthy lifestyle, Alex is often referred to by GP’s for musculoskeletal conditions such as Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Dizziness, Sciatica, Disc Injuries and many more.

Dr. Alex Harvey has also previously been invited to treat and manage Olympic athletes and to work with various sporting clubs in Victoria.

Dr. Alex is renowned for his excellent results in achieving short-term pain relief, but more importantly identifying any underlying causes which enable long term healing and prevents recurrence of symptoms. His most common techniques include, but are not limited to Chiropractic adjustments and utilizing spinal rehabilitation exercises.

When not in practice you may see Alex going for a run, at the gym, or playing golf.


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