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Dr. Beau Kenihan

Chiropractor at Total Health Chiropractic Bell Park (Geelong)

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Dr Beau Kenihan is passionate about changing lives through a thorough Chiropractic care across the North Geelong region including Corio, Norlane, Bell Post Hill, Bell Park and more.

Dr Beau discovered Chiropractic after injuring his neck in secondary school. He went to his local Chiropractor who had him walking out the door amazed, immediately able to move more freely without pain. He values this feeling and aims to provide the same feeling of relief and confidence in every person walking through the door.

Practicing in Geelong, Victoria, Dr Beau knows that adolescents and young adults require both excellent chiropractic care, and helpful advice regarding school bags, sport and the commencement of work to ensure that young spines grow up healthy and pain-free. 

Beau highly values looking after families and caring for the community, since painful conditions such as arthritis, disc injuries and headaches are so prevalent. His goal is to have people back doing what they love, whether it be sport, work, or playing with their kids uninhibited by the painful conditions he seeks to eliminate. 

When not in work, Beau enjoys a bike ride on a nice day, and finds his hobby in fish keeping, caring for a large tropical fish tank at home.



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