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Dr. Bishoy Bishara is committed to delivering thorough Chiropractic services to people across many ages, with a passion for delivering high quality care. 

Bishoy experienced chronic mid back pain during his adolescent years while studying for his exams. Through the process of chiropractic care Bishoy was able to overcome his pain and further improve his posture, also strengthening his back through adjustments and corrective exercises prescribed by his Chiropractor. This led him down the path of a chiropractor, seeking to help others with the same passion and diligence provided to him. 

Bishoy upon completing his study at RMIT he now understands the importance of chiropractic care to ensure he moves and functions at his best. Bishoy is passionate about promoting health and wellness by showing a different approach to health care that involves restoring normal function and movement.

Whilst many people initially see Bishoy for back and neck pain, they often continue care as they work towards specific goals, such as walking or running further, easier to play with their kids or do housework, or being more comfortable at work. Bishoy understands that pain is only a small part of Chiropractic care and thoroughly enjoys working alongside his patients to achieve the goals they desire.

On his days away from the practice, Bishoy enjoys swimming at the beach when the weather permits and goes on his daily run each morning when he gets up.

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