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Dr. Duy Duong

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Dr. Duy Duong is passionate about promoting health through chiropractic care for the surrounding community. He is committed to tailoring patient centred care and believes this will help achieve optimal health. 

Dr. Duy first witnessed the benefits of chiropractic care when his mother, who suffered from chronic lower back pain showed improvements after seeing a chiropractor. Prior to chiropractic care, his mother saw multiple different professions for relief, however very little improvement was seen. With this experience, he decided to be part of the chiropractic community and provide care for others who are in situations similar to that of his mother’s.

It became evident to Duy, through the care of his mother that pain was only a small part of what can be achieved through chiropractic care, what he noticed was a change in overall mood and happiness, as well as the ability to move and function at her optimum when regular care was given.

Duy went on to study Chiropractic at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he discovered the link between the human body and its nervous system. He understands the importance of maintaining good health at all ages. His ambition is to promote chiropractic care to multiple communities and cultures; it is his primary goal to not only help people get out of pain by achieving good health, but also stay out of pain by maintaining optimal health. 

Duy has also suffered from lower back pain due to a deadlifting injury at the gym. He visited a chiropractor where he received care and proper advice on correct posture and rehabilitative exercises. He was able to return to the gym after a short course of chiropractic adjustments, he also noticed that after being adjusted he could lift more and grew strong quicker.

Duy now plans to get fit and stay fit via the combination of chiropractic care, balanced diet and adequate exercise. 

Duy’s hobbies are exploring the spectacular scenery that Rockhampton region has to offer, fishing and going to the gym. 

Dr. Duy is available at our Rockhampton practice from Tuesday – Saturday.


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