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Dr. Johlen Raath

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Dr. Johlen Raath is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of Chiropractic care. Johlen holds a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chiropractic. Originally from Melbourne, he recently relocated to Central Queensland, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm for Chiropractic care to the Yeppoon community.

Discovering Chiropractic

Johlen’s journey to Chiropractic care began in his youth, marked by a love for sports. Initially relying on Physiotherapy for sports injuries, a back injury led him to explore Chiropractic care. The profound relief and improved well-being he experienced was a turning point, inspiring him to pursue a career in Chiropractic.

Choosing Chiropractic as a Career

The remarkable feeling of wellness after his first Chiropractic session was a life-changing experience for Johlen. He was deeply moved by the idea of providing others with the same level of relief and well-being, which solidified his decision to become a Chiropractor.

Passion for Chiropractic and Well-being

Being a sportsman from a young age, Dr. Johlen understands the importance of a body that moves and functions optimally. With a direct link between physical and mental health, Chiropractic care does not only help you feel great and get more out of your body, but mental well-being may also improve.

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Johlen’s approach is as follows:

  • Identifying and addressing bodily dysfunctions.
  • Providing targeted Chiropractic treatment for pain relief.
  • Providing specific and supportive rehabilitation to these regions to make structural changes (decreasing the likelihood of reoccurrence)

Chiropractic Experience

Since graduating in 2019, Dr. Johlen has gained experience practising across Australia, from Melbourne to Tasmania, and Central Queensland.

Personal Interests

Away from the practice, Johlen is dedicated to maintaining his fitness and health. He values quality time with his family, friends, and beloved dog, whom he affectionately considers his son.

Fun Facts

  • He is half-South African.
  • He has never met another person with the same name
  • He is a people person

Dr. Johlen is available at Total Health Chiropractic Yeppoon:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am – 11am, 3pm – 7pm
  • Friday, Saturday: 8am – 12pm


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