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Dr. Joshua Kassis

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Dr. Joshua Kassis is a Chiropractor based in Burpengary.

Born and raised in Sydney, Dr. Joshua has completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic and Master of Chiropractic (B.Chiro, M.Chiro) at Macquarie University.

As a baby and while growing up, Dr. Joshua struggled with health issues involving dyslexia, ADHD and asthma. He saw a pediatrician who prescribed him with many different and high dosage medications which he felt made him worse – he was a completely different person being suppressed by such heavy drugs. During this time, his mum was working for a Chiropractor who suggested checking him – Dr. Joshua’s body responded so well to Chiropractic care that he eventually came off all medication. One of Dr. Joshua’s core values is helping people, so after such a life changing experience, he knew it was his calling and he devoted his life into being a Chiropractor.

Dr. Joshua is passionate about family wellness care, focusing on not only helping people out of pain, but also finding the cause of the issue and offer sustained life changing results.

Prior to working at Total Health Chiropractic, Dr. Joshua worked as a Chiropractor in NSW, initially at a practice that focused a lot on pregnancy and children, followed by a practice where he worked for two years, a place that had really taught him Chiropractic philosophy and how to address the cause of problems and maximise results for the people Joshua cared for.

During his time off, Dr. Joshua enjoys taking out his 4WD out and exploring our beautiful country, reading and challenging himself with personal development books and pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

Three fun facts about Dr. Joshua

  • One of Joshua’s hobbies is building and performance cars on the track – including circuit, drift and drag races.
  • He is the only healthcare doctor in his family
  • He enjoys trying to learn new things all the time. Currently, Joshua’s interests are photography and Latin dancing (Salsa, bachata)

Dr. Joshua is available at Total Health Chiropractic Burpengary from Monday – Thursday.


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