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Dr. Tasmia Afreen Khan

Chiropractor at Total Health Chiropractic Yeppoon

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Born in South India, Dr. Tasmia emigrated to New Zealand when she was 10 years old. She grew up in Hamilton and moved to Auckland to study. Upon graduating New Zealand College of Chiropractic with a Bachelors Degree in Chiropractic and a Diploma of Applied Science from Auckland University of Technology, Tasmia relocated to Brisbane with her husband and two cats for over a year before moving back to New Zealand again when she fell pregnant, believing she’d be at home with her baby for years. She loved her job and helping people, so she made her way back to Yeppoon, Australia to help people as a Chiropractor.

Discovering Chiropractic 

Dr. Tasmia played cricket throughout high school as a spin bowler and experienced injury. She saw a physio for a few years before discovering Chiropractic at a health event at a Mosque. Tasmia spoke to the Chiropractor there and later observed the practitioner for a few hours and fell in love!

Why Dr. Tasmia chose to become a Chiropractor

Tasmia has always wanted to work in the medical field, as all her family have worked in medicine. Being a GP was not for her, but she still dreamt of a job that focused on changing people’s lives. She found Chiropractic to be just the job for her, loving how hands-on and patient-focused care is. Tasmia loves how Chiropractic is not just focused on pain, but also looking at people holistically and helping them reach their optimal potential. Every day is a reward, looking after people and helping them lead a healthy life.

Dr. Tasmia loves seeing everyone from babies, families, and hard-working men, to seniors. She particularly enjoys working with babies and helping people with acute or chronic pain through regular Chiropractic care and wellness maintenance.

Previously, Tasmia has two years of clinical experience as part of her Chiropractic education and two years of post-educational practice experience come December 2022.

During her time off, Dr. Tasmia’s life revolves around her 5-month-old! She’s also a big foodie, loves beach walks, Netflix and doing anything creative.

3 fun facts about Dr. Tasmia

  1. She is a henna artist
  2. She does event planning, weddings and birthday party décor
  3. She loves travelling

Dr. Tasmia is based at Total Health Chiropractic Yeppoon all day Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, as well as Wednesday afternoons.


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