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Dr. Virginia Croke

Dr Virginia Croke – Chiropractor in Torquay, Victoria, 3228

Dr Virginia comes from a family of chiropractors, and was lucky enough to be adjusted since birth. She can count the number of times she has taken pain killers on one hand, and puts that down to growing up being encouraged to find the cause of any aches, pains or illness and address them proactively. 

As a result, she is passionate about giving others the same access to thorough and gentle healthcare and helping them realise just how amazing and energised we are all designed to feel.

Virginia has a great understanding of how the body should be able to function, and makes it her goal to help patients get their life back through promoting a healthier lifestyle. She is driven at not just looking at what is sore, but working out why that’s the case, as she understands pain is a warning sign something is wrong. 

Her patients often describe Ginny as incredibly detailed with an immense knowledge of the spine and nervous system that gives them confidence that she is going to be able to help them get their life back.

Virginia worked as a chiropractic assistant at her parent’s practice in the Macedon Ranges while she completed her double bachelor in Chiropractic at RMIT. This was a wonderful opportunity to watch thousands of people experience what chiropractic can offer.

Her favourite day in practice (so far) was when she had the chance to care for a one-month old baby and a ninety-nine-year-old woman in the same shift. She believes everyone deserves optimum health, no matter their age. 

In her spare time Virginia enjoys catching up with friends over a coffee, and trying to improve her (limited) cooking skills.  

Virginia is available at Total Health Chiropractic Torquay from Tuesday – Saturday. Feel free to contact us on (03) 5296 0158 to schedule a time!


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