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Eva Mattress – The Chiropractor Recommended Mattress In A Box

October 16th, 2020 by
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Video Transcript

There are so many mattresses out there in the bed-in-the-box craze. It’s so hard to work out what the best suited for you is if you’ve got neck pain, back pain or even lower back pain. So I am here to talk to you today about the Eva mattress. Now, my name’s Alex Harvey and I am a Chiropractor and owner of Total Health Chiropractic. We see thousands of patients come through our doors every week and I personally use this mattress and recommend it to everyone for a few key reasons. 

One of the main reasons why I really like this mattress is because it has the perfect combination of memory foam and pocket springs. So what that allows is, it keeps your spine and your hips in a nice and neutral position, taking pressure off those important areas that typically cause people pain. That gives it incredible comfort.

The other awesome aspect is the gel memory foam aspect, because what that does is allows heat and air to go through. That’s perfect for you hot and warm sleepers because you’ll get better airflow.

The last good part with this mattress – probably my favourite part – is that the memory foam is incredibly comfortable. Even though the mattress sits on like a seven or eight out of ten in terms of firmness, the memory foam makes it soft and comfortable and I’ve never had a better night’s sleep. 

So if you’re looking for a mattress with great value, great comfort and is going to keep your spine in a nice and neutral position, I highly recommend the Eva Mattress. 

More about the Eva Mattress

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Recommended by CHOICE experts, it’s no wonder Dr. Alex recommends Eva. Consisting of gel memory foam, premium latex foam, density foam, five zone pocket springs and edge support, the Eva Mattress is designed to help your body achieve optimal rest throughout the night. The Eva Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified – which is the leading standard for foam materials. This means that the Eva Mattress has been tested by independent U.S. laboratories to guarantee the high-grade foam layers are durable and are made without any harmful chemicals. 

How is Eva Mattress different from other mattress in a box competitors?

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The Mattress in a box trend is popular and continues to grow. So what makes Eva different from its competitors? 

  1. The Eva Mattress is a hybrid mattress, made up of both gel memory foam and pocket springs. Many other mattress in a box offerings are made up of only foam.
  2. By incorporating the use of pocket springs, the Eva Mattress is well ventilated. The open structure created by the springs allows air to circulate freely, allowing a cooler sleep. 
  3. Eva’s pocket springs are built with reinforced steel around the perimeter of the mattress, providing edge support, preventing full use of the mattress and reducing the risk of the user falling when sleeping on the edge of the bed.
  4. The five zone pocket spring design means that the Eva Mattress supports the head and shoulder, back, hip, legs and feet, relieving pressure points by distributing weight across the entire mattress.
  5. Because the pocket springs are heat tempered three times, the Eva Mattress has been built to last. Eva is so confident with the quality of their mattresses that they provide a 120 night risk free trial and 12 year warranty. 

Back support and spinal alignment Q&A with Dr. Alex

Is memory foam or spring mattresses better for back pain?

Memory foam and spring mattresses offer different types of support. In a spring mattress, the rebound/coil from the spring works against the weight of a person to keep the back in a neutral position overnight. Memory foam uses the durability and rebound in the foam to offer the same sort of support, but also has the additional benefit of allowing for better air flow and temperature control. Hybrid mattresses, such as the Eva Mattress, offer the best combination of support and airflow. 

What firmness of mattress is best for bad backs?

The best answer for this is comfort. Although firmer mattresses offer better support, the most important aspect is comfort. If you don’t find a firm mattress comfortable, you may toss and turn and place unnecessary pressure on your back/spine. Go for an option that feels right for you! 

What’s the best mattress for bad backs?

Having personally tried many different types of mattresses and hearing feedback from thousands of patients I have seen over the years, I highly recommend the Eva Mattress. It offers a combination of both memory foam and springs – which optimises stability for the spine and lessens unnecessary pressure on your back. With this hybrid type of mattress, it also allows for better airflow, which is perfect for hot sleepers! The other important factor that puts Eva above the rest is comfort! Of all the patients I recommended it to, the first thing they all say is how comfortable it is! 

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