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Do I need a massage or a Chiropractor?

Whilst both are good options for care, as Chiropractors, we focus on finding why the muscles are feeling the way they are and address it through a series of adjustments to correct the issue. If you are finding massage is only a temporary relief, then it may be recommended to get an opinion from a Chiropractor to see how we can help.

What should you not wear to a Chiropractor?

You can wear anything to a Chiropractor! Our patients come in wearing summer gear, work clothes, suits, dresses and more. We have towels and other materials to drape over your legs if you do choose to wear a dress to your appointment. For comfort reasons, many people choose to wear active wear to their appointments as it can be easier to move around.

Do Chiropractors get rid of knots?

Whilst a Chiropractor doesn’t directly work on knots through massage techniques, we do know that knots are caused by something. Typically our Chiropractors find the cause is due to either postural or work related stress. If we correct the posture through adjustments and realigning the spine, it automatically takes pressure off the muscles and relieves the knots. Often people report massage as only a temporary relief, and that can be because the spine keeps pulling or putting pressure on the muscles – the cause is not addressed.

Can a Chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?

The basis around Chiropractic care is to take pressure off the structure of your spine. If the structure, or a spinal joint is misaligned, it can place pressure on a nerve that can result in pain, stiffness or other symptoms. Our Chiropractors look deeper than just finding where the pinched nerve is – we aim to find why it’s pinching and offer a solution on how we can best prevent issues in the future.

Is going to a Chiropractor painful?

This depends on every situation. Whilst care for most people isn’t painful and is often an immediate relief, in some cases it can be tender during the manipulation. This can be due to existing levels of pain the person is experiencing, if the pain occurred immediately prior to coming in or if the pain has been going on for a long time.

Is Chiropractic really good for you?

Taking a proactive approach with your health is always a good idea, whether you choose Chiropractic care, or other lifestyle choices like diet or exercise. The more consistently the body can keep moving, the better it can function.

Why does it feel good when I pop my back?

Two reasons – when your joints are popped, gas is released from the joint. After the gas is released, a fluid called synovial fluid enters (and lubricates) making you feel like you are moving easier than before. The problem is, if it’s not done properly, the tension will typically build back up anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes afterwards.

Is cracking your back bad?

Cracking your back won’t cause arthritis like the old wives tale says, but it can contribute to increased stiffness in your body. This is because, for an untrained person, cracking a joint is often moving the joint that moves the easiest. This then increases the pressure on other joints (that aren’t moving) causing them to stiffen up more. Our Chiropractors are trained at finding the joints that are stuck and moving them – that’s why it feels so great.

Why do Chiropractors require so many visits?

Each case is unique, therefore the amount of visits needed for each person will vary. We often say, the longer something has been an issue for, the longer it can typically take to resolve or mend. We take a thorough look at your posture and other factors to calculate the amount of visits needed to help resolve your issue.

Are Chiropractors safe?

Like anything in the world there are risks, the main risks associated with Chiropractic care is general tenderness or muscular soreness. The level of risk is determined by many factors including the age, sex, dietary and lifestyle choices of the patient. Each patient at our practices across Australia will have all associated risks discussed with them prior to commencing any care.

What exactly does a Chiropractor do?

Our Chiropractors are different to most, we work at looking for the problem, and fixing it long term where possible. We focus directly on realigning the posture and the structure to ensure all the muscles and joints can function at their best.

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