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Headaches is one of the most common presentations we see at Total Health Chiropractic and our Chiropractors have over 25 combines years of experience in dealing with tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, stress headaches, migraines and more!

We have been helping manage patients with headaches all over the East Coast of  Australia, with practices in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Torquay, Agnes Water, Frankston, and North Geelong.

Headaches, whilst can be a serious condition, are often caused by tightness in the muscles or tension in the joints of the spine. We will talk below on the red flags to look out for if your headache may need urgent medical attention

The World Health Organisation in 2007 (1) documented the prevalence of headaches worldwide and showed that 46% of adults suffer from headaches at some stage. They also stated that headaches are in the top 10 most disabling conditions, and rank in the top 5 for women.

Tension-Type Headaches: The most common type of headache, approximately 1 in 20 people suffer daily.

Cluster Headaches: Rare type of headache, typically affect males in late ’20s.

Migraines: The second most common form of headaches, can commonly affect children as well as adults.

Treatment for Headaches

A study in 2011 published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiotherapy, states the manipulation improves headaches and migraines (2) and the type and frequency is dependant on each case.

Our Chiropractors at Total Health Chiropractic assess and evaluate each individual. We look deeper at what may have caused or contributed to these headaches.

Typically we hear that patients have experienced some sort of physical stress in there life, mostly related to:

  • Posture whilst driving
  • Seated work environment (office)
  • Constantly looking down (childcare workers etc)
  • Previous trauma – car accident, motorbike, horse accident

The treatment for headaches usually depends on a number of factors including:

  • Type of headache
  • Frequency
  • Impact it’s having on their life
  • Chronicity – how long they have been getting them

(1)   The Global Burden of Headache: A Documentation of Headache Prevalence and Disability Worldwide

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