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How often should you go to the Chiropractor for maintenance care?

November 9th, 2021 by
Category: Chiropractic Care Dr. Ashleigh O'Brien

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Generally when people think of going to the Chiropractor, they have either just sustained an injury, are in pain or have tried other modalities and are at their wits end. While Chiropractic care can be an important part of recovery from injury, it can also be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic care may require numerous visits as it can take time for the body’s structure to change and adapt to the new, correct posture. It may take several sessions to feel relief from the pain that is experienced – this can be referred to as the ‘repair’ phase. During this phase, the body starts to move and feel better as it adapts to its new posture.

Once pain has reduced, it’s important to stay on track with your recommended care plan as your body is changing and realigning,  allowing the nervous system to function optimally and taking pressure away from problem areas you initially presented to practice with – this is known as the ‘stabilising’ phase. Unfortunately, this is where many people tend to drop off care as they are feeling better, however sticking to your schedule allows your body to continue to improve and function optimally. This helps Chiropractic to act as an ongoing preventative aspect of your healthcare routine.

Once you have completed your recommended care plan, your Chiropractor may recommend that you begin ‘maintenance care’. Maintenance care looks different for everyone depending on lifestyle. You may be recommended to come in every two to six weeks for an adjustment.

There are a number of benefits of maintenance Chiropractic care that can be experienced, including:

Ongoing healing

While some people may feel immediate results after only one or two Chiropractic sessions, this doesn’t mean you’re healed and unfortunately a number of people will drop off care at this stage and lose their progress. Healing is an ongoing process and regular adjustments may help accelerate that process.

Prevent recurring injuries and avoid future pain

Regular Chiropractic care can help to make sure that the body is functioning optimally, which may make you less likely to have recurring injuries. Once your body’s structure has changed, you may also notice you have an easier time getting up and moving around in comparison to when you first started care. Maintenance care may help to reduce existing pain and prevent it from returning without the need for pain medication or other interventions.

Improvement of overall health

While Chiropractors directly work on the body’s muscles and bones, they can have a positive impact on the body’s nervous system. Regular Chiropractic care may not only help with strength and flexibility, but can also help the body to function optimally.

In order to optimise your overall health and wellbeing, your Chiropractor may recommend certain exercises and stretches that can be utilised during different phases of your care, including maintenance care. These are used to compliment the adjustments that have been performed by your Chiropractor and allow the body to function optimally by helping with posture and mobility in between appointments. On top of this, it is important that you move your body regularly – whether that be walking, yoga or going to the gym.

If you have any questions regarding maintenance Chiropractic care, contact us at Total Health Chiropractic or your trusted local Chiropractor! 


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