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Should I see a Chiro or Physio?

July 9th, 2022 by
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Chiropractor performing leg length assessment on male patient

Oh, if we had a dollar for each time we were asked this!

“I’ve have X, Y or Z happening, should I see a Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist?”

What people – like yourself – might consider before visiting an Allied Health Practitioner is what ailments and pain they are faced with. Among the most common are things like:

…..and the list goes on!

So, should I see a Chiro or a Physio?

Let’s consider this simplistically by looking at what a Chiropractor does, and what a Physiotherapist does.

Chiropractors work with your structure and nervous system to help improve the way you move and function as a whole. They do this using a range of techniques.

Physiotherapists will tend to work more with muscle, ligament and tendon injuries or imbalances. There are also many different Physio techniques. They may have a strong focus on rehabilitation and exercise therapy as well.

From the above, you can see how visiting both a Chiro and a Physio could be of benefit. We agree! If you have an injury or something specific that you are seeing a Physio for, perhaps a Chiro can help too.

Adjusting your spine and body could allow for greater improvement as it allows your brain to talk better with your body and vice versa – all in the name of healing.

The battle goes on – or does it?

For so long Chiropractic and Physiotherapy have been seen as a one-or-the-other option, but in fact, we are very different in the way we assess and work with the person in front of us. This can be quite complementary in many cases and also to your advantage.

Collaboration can aid you in getting the most information and help to allow your body to heal the best that it can. In Australia, we are fortunate to have a great network of health professionals to ensure your best results!



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