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TEXT NECK – Posture Epidemic

October 22nd, 2019 by
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Look around where you are now: How many people/co-workers are slouching over their phone? Technology is changing how we hold ourselves, distorting our bodies and ruining our health & posture. The dreaded Text Neck.

graphic of woman bending her neck while looking at phone

Our modern technology driven lifestyles have made us dependant on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices. While they bring convenience to our lives, they are literally giving us a pain in the neck, and may be contributing to many other issues out there! When you use technology, commonly you misuse your neck, back and shoulders and fail to maintain a healthy, normal posture, thus meaning you may place strain on the spine.

This can cause you to look forwards & downwards for extended durations of time, leading to strain.

The average adult head weighs, on average 4-5 kgs.

When you tilt your head down (for example to text or type on the computer), the gravitational pull on your head is increased, basically increasing the weight of your head.  If you do this for an extended period of time, it may lead to:
neck or back pain
– muscle strain
– nerve irritation/impingement
– fatigue
– irritability
– and even trouble in breathing; not to mention how bad it looks!


info graphic showing the how much weight is placed on neck when it's tilted further down

What is Text Neck Doing To My Body?

It is the angle of the head and neck, combined with the weight of the head that cause this problem. When undertaking an activity such as texting or scrolling through their smartphone, people may often bend their head and neck forward in a 60% (or even greater!) angle from their spine.  The extra force & weight that this puts on the lower neck is the equivalent to approx 1 extra kilo for every two millimeters of your head being forward. For many people, it could easily be the same as of double or triple the weight of their head in the extra weight bearing state.

With technology on the path to take over our lives more in the future, this problem isn’t going to leave.  Being aware of the epidemic may help you prevent long term health issues. The ideal posture to have is where your ears are in line with your shoulders and your shoulders are pulled back.

The number one solution is to be aware of your posture when using technology like your smartphone, tablet or computers.

Also remember to take breaks from this postural position, stand up, stretch (slowly and carefully) and change your posture as often as possible (seat height, phone position etc).  For many, this is difficult be achieved and maintained without some professional help, like a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Osteopath. If you are already suffering from neck or back pain, muscle strain, nerve impingement, headaches/dizziness, fatigue, irritability or difficulty in breathing, visit one of our Chiropractic clinics – our friendly team can help you understand and potentially address the cause of these issues, and tailor a treatment program to manage your condition, Text Neck. We currently have Chiros based in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Agnes Water, Frankston, Torquay, GeelongMornington and Keilor Downs.


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