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The Power Of The Mind

October 23rd, 2019 by
Category: Health & Wellbeing

The 21st century is an outward world. Our senses are trained, by our societal cultural upbringing, to focus much of our attention toward life outside of us. We individually have little impact on this outside world, yet we respond and react to it with more of our resources than to our inner world. This inner world consists of the parts of our body we don’t usually see or feel, and this includes our minds.

What is the mind?

The ‘mind’ is defined as the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; it is our faculty of consciousness and thought. Whatever its relation to the physical body, it is generally agreed that our mind is what enables a being to have subjective awareness and intention. It has the ability to perceive and respond to stimuli with some kind of agency and to have consciousness, including thinking and feeling.

Where does the mind apply to total health?

Our aim at Total Health Chiropractic is to help you achieve optimum health. At total health, we have developed a patient-centered approach. We do this by offering personal and professional care. Professional care is the service we provide, to assess you, guide you and provide our specific interventions for which we are uniquely qualified. The other category is self-care, which involves all the choices you make outside of our practice in your everyday lifestyle. We help you by providing guidance including how to move better and think better. When incorporated, these components collectively become more effective than when independently applied. The think better component is what is critical to the care of the mind.

Are there signs your mind is negatively impacting you?

We obviously can’t see our minds, we may be able to see our skin or teeth to know they require attention. Two ways we alert our minds that we need attention are typically acknowledging how we think and how we feel. Interrupted or impaired mental thought may be noticing a change in your usual ability to focus, make decisions, communicate effectively or even notice a lapse in your memory. Emotional or feeling changes, such as unusual moods, emotions or attitudes are also common signs your mind needs attention too.  headspace is an amazing app for those who want to work on their mindfulness further.

5 simple ways to improve your mental health:

just because it’s not a physical entity you can see and hold, doesn’t negate its existence or value. Similarly to how we take time to clean our teeth and keep the muscles you can see and feel toned; you need to care for your mind with these powerful practices.

  1. Meditation can clear and free your mind.
  2. Plan your day, week, year and life.. (You can always change your plans, if necessary, should you change your ‘mind’).
  3. Express yourself, by laughing, crying and experience a range of emotions, instead of holding it pent up inside.
  4. Breathe to stay alive and breathe mindfully to enhance your mind’s capacity to perform optimally.
  5. Practice mindfulness by being focused on the present.

Since you perceive your world through your sensory nerve system; See your Doctor of Chiropractic to keep your nervous system functioning at an optimal level. Contact Dr Alex or Dr Nick at Total Health Chiropractic for further information.


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