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The Power Of Your Daily Habits

June 16th, 2022 by
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woman implementing healthy habits into her morning routine

It is no surprise to say, the things we do on a daily basis DO play a major role in our physical, mental and emotional health both NOW and into the FUTURE. Daily habits are the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle recipe. However, you can’t have A-grade health with C-grade habits. Simply this means, you can’t be feeling and functioning to the best of your ability with baseline or poor habits. Although we do acknowledge this, forming and pursuing habits can be tricky. They are easy to build when they immediately reward us, however are near impossible to start when the benefits are not instant or obvious. So where to start I hear you say? Today, I will share 5 top tips that will get you started on your healthy habits journey.

 Top tips for habit building

1. Understanding good vs bad habits

To understand what good vs bad habits are, we firstly need to distinguish between a goal and a habit. A goal is something you wish to achieve but the habit is the repetitive actions taken to reach that goal. A good habit will always benefit your life and bring you closer to your goals. Whereas a bad habit leads you further from your goals and overall greatness.  So ask yourself “If I do this every day for the next ten years, what will my life look like? How will it impact my life?”.

2. Choose what YOU want to change

The first step to building healthy habits is choosing or changing habits that suit you, your goals, and your circumstances. You may chat with others and gain ideas for some healthy habits or changes to implement in your life, but you must also assess whether these changes will suit you, your values, and your wants/needs.

3. Start small for a strong foundation

Just like when we build a brick wall, we need to start by adding brick by brick. Starting with small habits will build a strong foundation for greater changes and have more significant impacts on our lives. For example, your chosen habit is exercising 3x times a week. To consistently maintain this larger habit, some smaller habits you can implement are putting your running shoes at the door for easy access or packing/taking your workout gear to work so you go to the gym on your way home each day. These small habits will make building those larger habits more manageable and less tricky.

4. Connect new habits in your daily routines

The habits we implement into our daily life will create/become a part of our routine. Routines are what promote the creation of larger habits that ultimately allow us to reach our goals and overall success. When creating those good habits, it’s important to consider how well these habits fit into our routine already or what type of routines they will create for us.

5. Reward and celebrate

The final ingredient in the healthy habit recipe is rewarding and celebrating your achievements. Creating healthy habits and building new routines takes a lot of time, effort, and above all, patience. To ensure we don’t become bored or lost in the process, it’s important that you congratulate yourself along the way. Celebrate the day you remember to read those 5 pages of your book with a movie or reward yourself with a cheat snack the week you do go to the gym 3x times.  Remember the process of this healthy habit is about you and you alone!

Always remember the key to our habits are things that YOU want to achieve for YOURSELF so that YOU can achieve success and ultimate greatness in both your personal and professional life. If you need tailored advice or further information on how your habits are affecting your overall health and wellness reach out to your local Allied Health Professional or call our reception team for a Chiropractic consult today.


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