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Top Exercises For Lower Back Pain

August 11th, 2022 by
Category: Back pain Dr. Kodie Smith

As Chiropractors, we frequently see patients for a range of conditions. A common complaint we care for in practice is lower back pain. The lower back and pelvis are a complex region made up of a lot of muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves. It is designed to support and stabilize the entire spine sitting on top of it as well as sustaining movement of the legs below it. Therefore, it is important that we keep these areas active, relaxed, and strong to avoid lower back pain or tension. Lower back pain can occur on the left or right side. In many cases, people can experience pain or stiffness in both sides of their lower back which can also lead to numbness, tingling or weakness down the legs. There are several things that can cause lower back pain including poor posture, physical overloading stress, back/disc injuries or degeneration (wear and tear).

Common symptoms associated with low back pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you may also notice the following:

  • Muscle tightness & spasms in the back area
  • Decreased lower back movement
  • Pain in the back, hips or legs
  • Leg numbness or pins and needles
  • Forward positioning of the pelvis

What people can do to avoid lower back pain

There are several things you can do to help reduce lower back pain from occurring and prevent it from flaring up in the long term. Here are 5 tips to helping avoid lower back pain causes:

  1. When driving or sitting in a car, ensure your back and pelvis are sitting directly into the crease of the seat. Your car seat also should be at an angle between 90-110 degrees.
  2. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes that have a medium to low heel. Good footwear is super important, especially for people standing for long periods of time.
  3. Doing some mindfulness activities and/or regularly stretching will help to de-stress your body, relax the muscles & joints and improve back flexibility
  4. When lifting heavy or big items, ensure you bend through your knees and use the strength of your legs + back in order to not strain the back region.
  5. Lying in bed, ensure your mattress is supportive, avoid sleeping on your tummy and for extra support through your back, try sleeping with a pillow between your legs

Exercises to reduce and prevent lower back pain

Another tool you can use to reduce and prevent lower back pain is to perform specific stretches or exercises. Here are 3 of our top exercises to assist with any lower back pain or tension build-up.

Knee hugs

This exercise is a personal favourite as knee hugs will not only stretch the lower back but also targets the gluteus muscles and sciatic nerve.

info graphic showing how to perform knee hugs

Supine Twist Stretch

The supine twist stretch is a great way to stretch the entire lower back and its big muscles.  

supine twist stretch info graphic 

Seated Glute Stretch

Lower back pain can also be caused by tightness through the gluteus muscles in your bottom. This exercise will target the glute muscles, specially the big ones like Gluteus Maximus and Piriformis.

seated glute stretch infographic

The lower back and pelvis region plays a massive role in the mobility and functionality of the entire spine and body. If you are experiencing lower back pain, try these simple exercises or implement the useful tips from this blog to make an impact on your back pain today. If you need more tailored advice, please seek out the advice of a health professional


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