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Top Exercises In 2021 For Neck Pain!

February 8th, 2021 by
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As Chiropractors, we frequently see patients with neck pain. Our neck is an amazing structure as it is designed to support the weight of the head and withstand the pressures of gravity throughout the day. However, this job makes it vulnerable to stiffness, pain, and injuries. Neck pain can occur on the left side or right side of the neck. In many cases, people can experience neck pain in both sides which may also lead to shoulder pain. Common causes of neck pain include repetitive stresses, poor posture, neck injuries and degeneration (wear and tear).

Common symptoms that may be experienced with neck pain

If you are experiencing neck pain, you may also notice you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Muscle tightness and knots in the neck area
  • Headaches
  • Decreased neck movement
  • Tension in the neck region
  • Pain when holding your head in one position for a long time – while driving, working, studying, etc.

What you can do to avoid neck pain

There are several things you can do that may help reduce and prevent neck pain from occurring, including 

  • Ensure your head is back, resting against the headrest and your spine is straight when driving or sitting in a car
  • When working or sitting at a desk/table, ensure your computer or laptop is placed on an even surface at eye level and focus on relaxing your shoulders
  • Doing meditation or mindfulness activities may help de-stress your body and relax your muscles and joints
  • When using handheld devices (phones, ipads), bring your device up to eye level instead of looking down. Avoid tucking your phone into your shoulder and neck when receiving a call.
  • Make sure you have a supportive pillow and mattress. Avoid small thin pillows and sleeping on your stomach.

Top exercises you can do to help avoid neck pain

Below are three easy exercises that you can do that may help with tension or pain in the neck region.

Chin tucks

Chin tucks is a great exercise to help strengthen your neck muscles and correct head and neck posture during our daily activities.

exercise infographic for chin tucks

Neck mobilisation

This is a great gentle mobility exercise. It will help to improve movement in your head and neck area, which will reduce stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints.

neck mobilisation neck infographic

Suboccipital stretch

Neck pain can be caused by tight and stiff muscles. This exercise will help to release tension in the neck muscles that can lead to neck pain and discomfort.

Suboccipital stretch infographic

Doing neck exercises are a simple yet effective way to ease muscle tension, reduce stiffness and create greater movement in the joints. Give these neck pain exercises a try today to provide relief from constant neck pain.

Please seek out the advice of a health professional if any of these exercises cause or aggravate your neck pain.


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