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The evening routine: top tips to unwind and set yourself up for the next day

September 3rd, 2021 by
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After you’ve had a long day, it’s a great idea to unwind and get yourself back into a clear, relaxed state. When you have a routine that helps you get back into your soothing mood, it will help you deal with the rest of the week. Here are some tips to help unwind and set yourself up for the next day.

 1. Working out in the evening

Whether that’s a martial arts class you like to take after work or simply going for a run, it’s great to have a positive outlet to help you take your frustrations out in a productive manner. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep in shape and stay active, particularly if you are not engaging in other physical activity throughout the day. Additionally, taking fitness classes can be a great social outing that you may not get at your regular job. Working out in the evening is a solid way to burn off some energy before you get settled in for the night at home.

2. Take a nice bath

One of our favourite things to add to our evening routine is taking a nice, relaxing bath (or shower!). It gives you time to wash the day away – whether you have a good or bad day, it’s like a fresh start because you’re cleansing yourself. You can put on a clean outfit right after, which can help to put your mind in a tranquil state.

When taking a bath, you have time to reflect about the day. It helps you to recognise the good and the bad and to make peace with yourself for anything that’s happened.

3. Get your outfit ready for the next day

By preparing your outfit the night before, you have more time to plan what you’ll wear for a day of work, school or leisure than the following morning. You can look at your options and determine what outfits best fit the type of day you’re going to have. Also, if needed, you can iron your clothes so that you’re not worrying about wrinkled, creased clothing right before you head off for the day.

4. Tidy up the home

Another thing to think about is tidying up the home. After dinner, did you wash the dishes? Did you put the bottles and cans into the recycling bin to take out later?

Did you turn the TV off and straighten the pillows on the lounge after leaving the living room? Organizing everything before you go to sleep gives you peace of mind and not needing to worry about tidying up in the morning before a busy day!

5. Read

Whether you’re just about to head to sleep or need to do a little reading before dinner, reading can be a calming activity to settle your mind. Also, your eyes will be glued to the book and running over the words. It will put your mind in a more sedative state.

When you have the TV on or are looking at devices, there’s too much light and noise going on that can prevent you from relaxing. Picking up a book can help wind down your thoughts, let your eyes get heavy and eventually prepare to go to sleep.

6. Have a place to put away and charge your devices

First of all, find a place where you put your devices away from your immediate view. It will help prevent you from constantly using them, which can keep you up at night.

Also, have dedicated places where you charge your devices. When you have outlets just for your phone, tablet, and other handheld devices, you can get them to 100% before going to work the next day. This way, you won’t have to worry about having your devices partially charged on a busy day.

When your devices aren’t in reach, you can turn the lights off and relax in your thoughts before heading to sleep.

Having an evening routine can keep you organized and help you create healthy habits for unwinding before the next day. You’ll feel more organised and rejuvenated throughout your busy schedule.

This organisation and health tips article has been contributed by Janine Pichetterik, Liberate Yourself 


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