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What are Health Food Essentials?

Health food essentials discussions can become a never ending tale.  Here we’ll go over just a number of the important topics.

As the term ‘essentials’ is defined, we are taking into consideration here the most basic fundamentals you can’t do without, as well as the ones you really don’t want to, but should do without.

These staples will hopefully be known to you, though in many cases not included in your diet. Before you go to great effort to consume what is ideal, remember we are all different, so you need to work out what works best FOR YOU, which may not be the same for other people.

It’s helpful for you to start by cutting down your intake of what’s on your “bad” food list.  You know, that’s the list we all have of foods we need to stop eating, but enjoy so much. This list includes: sugar, table salt, bad fats and vegetable oils, processed foods, breads, pastries and pasta, many over processed packaged foods, dairy foods, caffeine and alcohol.

What is the ‘Total Health’ approach to Food Essentials?

Our take on Health Food Essentials is keeping it easy to perform and understand.

Our philosophy of small 1% changes, means you don’t have to do much, just persevere.

Attempt to reduce what you know you know you shouldn’t from your ‘bad’ list.

Set a goal towards eating more of the fresh food, including healthy animal protein (meat), vegetables, nuts and minimal fruit; then depending on what works for you, certain grains, seeds and legumes.

Remember drink water.

What are the signs that your food is not working for you?

Listen to your body and learn from it. If you have any reactions, or the food does not feel great eating it, consider a change.

Bad reactions may be: pain, indigestion, bloating, fatigue gas, reflux, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea, gas, moodiness, irritability or unexpected weight gain/loss.

TOP 5 ways to improve your Health with Food


Create short term and long term goals.  What are your reasons for achieving these goals?  Weight Loss? Cleansing? Energy? What’s your why?


Water is the most important part of diet.  It so easy to consume, and has a massive amount of health benefits, including weight loss, improving complexion, flushing out toxins, bowel movement regularity and many more.


Food processing is the current day way of complicating what we eat and how we eat a lot foods.  In cases, you may overcook foods, which robs them of their enzymes. Or another mistake is cooking with potentially harmful chemicals like bad oil, refined sugars, different types of salt, and other artificially conjured ingredients, as well as destroying any value using such unnatural means as microwave ovens.


It will, in most cases be fresher, not as likely to be diminished from storage or transporting to the grocer. Food that isn’t local  is likely to require chemicals to preserve it. Local food supports the local economy, and you are more of a chance to be eating fresher foods.

Total Health Chiropractic believes in one percent, small changes.  Instead of throwing out everything in your cupboard and starting with all new ingredients, gradually start to change your current supply of foods for the new ones. This will also decrease food wastage!


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